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Staging is the most effective way to make buyers fan in love with your home!  Home staging can be a major factor in helping your property sell quickly and easily, so don't skip out on this crucial step before listing.

Home Staging Is Effective

Home staging has quickly become one of the most effective real estate marketing strategies in the industry. Staging your home to sell offers a great return on investment. The cost of staging is typically less than the amount of your first price reduction.

Staging a house for sale is becoming more and more necessary in today’s competitive real estate market. You want your home to stand out with great photos and by making a great first impression. Statistics have shown that staged houses sell quicker and for more money, because beautifully staged homes get more buyer traffic and allow buyers to visualize the property as their next home.

Make a Great First Impression

Buyers know within the first few minutes of walking through the door whether they would consider making an offer on a property or not. Taking the time to stage will ensure that your home is at its best before buyers walk through that door.

Attract More Potential Buyers

Today’s home buyers are looking through online real estate listings for their next home. The photos they see in those listings are key to getting them in the front door.

Staging your home prior to the photo shoot is critical. The online photos need to reflect the home at its absolute best. Photos of professionally staged listings look much better in print and web media, generate more interest, engage more potential buyers, and generate more traffic to your property.

Sell Faster & For More Money

Bringing in more potential buyers to your staged home and having it make a great first impression will help you get the best price possible and likely spend less time on the market than other nearby homes.

Hiring a professional stager is the key to knowing where to start. A stager will be objective and will be able to see your home through the eyes of the buyer.  Contact us for a list of our favorite professional stagers in the Houston area.

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