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The market continuously fluctuates and the market value of your property will increase and decrease over time. Having a broker who overprices your home in order to obtain your business is a adverse factor to your final sales price. An experienced agent will be able to get a probable market range in the first comparative market analysis.


Your home will generate the most enthusiasm during the first few weeks on the market, and if the price is not comparable to homes in the area, you will lose leverage. Pricing your property correctly and making prompt adjustments in your price, if you have missed the target range is pivitol to the final sales price of your property. 

Target pricing creates market buzz, attracts more buyer appointments and leads to a quicker sale for a higher price. Pricing is always fluid because the market is always changing based on the motivation of other sellers you are competing against.


We always watch the market closely and advise our clients of market changes. Be ready to adjust quickly if the market changes. Staying ahead of the fluid market and strategically pricing against the competition is the best way to get the top market value for your property.